The horse has bolted

I wasn’t feeling quite right last friday morning and less so as the day wore on so I decided to cancel the plans we had to visit our daughter, never more glad to have ditched exciting plans!

You really really want to be in your own home when the winter stomach bug hits!  *Sigh!*  So close yet so far! I thought I had escaped its claws this year!

So.. I have eaten today and that seems like it is staying inside! So far! Lots of water and cups of Tea. I still have terrible tummy pains, I don’t means cramps, just nasty sore pains in the belly all the time which are not helping me get any better sleep! Thank goodness for my electrical heat pad!

Yet another spanner in the works! I haven’t even got my blog fully rolling and I have already fallen off the horse! Getting back up… Wiping off the dust… Chasing after the horse… Be back soon!  *another sigh!*


14 thoughts on “The horse has bolted

  1. Sheelly, My butt was bruised for weeks (from falling of the horse) when I first started, and even today I fall from time to time. It’s okay, just do what your doing, get up and get back on. Take care, Bill

  2. Glad your back, sort of back! I’ve been having that bug off and on for over a week now its not pretty! I’m taking the time to catch up on some posts after having had a spinal injection today thankfully !y stomach had been good the last few days now its like a tiger heh

    • oh no it’s definately not pretty! hope you are fully over it by now and your family are all well. i have had similar injections for my sacroiliac and hip joints, also my piriformus.. which is my butt in normal speak! lmao! i do hope they help you get some relief from pain after the settling down time.

      • the bug is back, my eldest was up at 1.30am last night vomitting, then 3am the other end, now my husband has gone to bed and I am getting sharp pains, the youngest had tummy ache this morning sowe shall see i might need to get lots of buckets out tonight x

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