A Funny Turn of Events

Well what a week it has been since that horse bolted! I ended up having a funny turn at the pain management group last Wednesday and being admitted into hospital!

I felt very unwell and had sudden onset of chest pains during the relaxation therapy!

After all the tests were back in I was in for a nasty shock. It turns out I am very Diabetic! A fasting glucose test result of 19! I was tested for diabetes only last July and got the all clear. Apparently it’s pretty bad news for it to have got to this stage so fast.

My heart is fine, undamaged thankfully.

I was utterly exhausted but I didn’t want to miss seeing my daughters’ artwork being displayed in an exhibition at her uni so we travelled through on the Friday. The last one was held in an inaccessible attic so it felt important not to miss this.

Of course it was a shock for everyone but my son has taken this very badly, blaming himself because of the extra pressure his behaviour puts on us at times. So he has ended up taking some pretty awful panic attacks. Paired with tension about school and exams he’s a nervous wreck! He mostly has these anxiety attacks during the night and the last few have lasted the entire night!

It was his seventeenth birthday on Sunday and it was lovely to have family over but again it adds another layer to the fatigue.

My daughter and her boyfriend came home on Sunday to celebrate my sons birthday with us, her boyfriend has been taking a few funny turns himself this last week or two and he ended up being rushed to hospital in an ambulance yesterday and is still there now. He’s been having headaches that come on lightening fast and are so painful he collapses. Yesterday it was almost five mins before we could wake him. The longest and most severe attack so hopefully they can sort his out for him.

My husband currently has his own health issues, scaring us a couple of weeks ago with a blood pressure reading of 240 over 180! Coming down now with new meds but still far too high. He’s also going for a blood test on Friday, the results of which will decide whether or not he needs a biopsy on his prostrate.

Loads of new appointments on the calendar for the next few weeks now!

All in all I am stressed! I need some decent sleep but naps are all I am getting. A nap here and a nap there, I seem to be incapable of making it through just one day without a nap at some point. Along with the usual pain problems keeping me from decent sleep are invasive thoughts, worrying that won’t shut off.

I’ll have to put more blogging on the back burner until I am in better shape! Writing this has been slow and difficult prosess as my brains wheels are turning slowly, thinking feels like wading through treacle! So I will leave more involved musings for another day!