Donations Gratefully Accepted

As you may have read I had some pc problems recently and although a temporary plaster was stuck over the problem I am just waiting for either it or something else to go wrong again at any moment. I have had this pc for so many years now, originally a purchase from Dell over fifteen years ago and as the famous quote from Only Fools and Horses goes..


Well this only pc is in the same condition, I don’t think there is one original part left! It’s a dinosaur, fast becoming obsolete. There’s only so many upgrades you can do when one part has to be compatible with the all others. A bit like me all the parts are becoming worn out, glitchy. A new mother board won’t work with the other bits. a new power supply won’t work with the existing mother board. my outdated hard drive is failing.

Being practically housebound my pc is my lifeline to the outside world, I keep in touch with friends and family, I entertain myself with silly little games, I used to play the the sims 3 when my pc would run it but no longer, I download and listen to audiobooks and read ebooks from my local library service, I read the news and I write. However it is a desktop pc which means I am restricted to using it on days I am well enough to get downstairs and not too sore to sit at it! I desperately wish for a laptop! Having the ability to do all these things while bedbound would be amazing but it’s a luxury item and I can’t justify the cost.

I live on state benefits, some believe these to be very generous allowing us to live a life of luxury, it is far from it! We have to budget for everything, we have make large purchases from a club book where we are charged way over the odds for the ability to pay it up over a number of months. We frequent the reduced sections in the supermarket almost daily and scout out what’s on offer then build our meals around that. We have to skrimp and save for every little extra. We have no savings, we don’t have access to credit because we got into a mess when we both became jobless within six months of each other due to my health.

And so I am turning to fellow bloggers for help, to ask if you can donate anything however small. I can’t tell you how much appreciated it would be. I can’t explain how awful I feel for asking, it was suggested by a friend when I had those last pc problems and I have been considering it since then. it would get me one step closer to a laptop. Which is something I can barely conceive of right now! I hate to ask.. honestly I do but right now I’ll consider anything!

If you have read this far I just want to say Thank you. Whether you decide to donate or not I appreciate the time you have taken to read this.

Please click on the paypal donate button to contribute.


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