Stack Up Pups


I have been terribly tired this weekend and when I am in bed my dogs are always there with me.

Between myself and hubby there’s not a lot of room available so it’s just as well we went for the Yorkshire Terrier Special Stackable breed!

They have become very adaptable in using the bed space available to them and when they feel we have been a bit too greedy they are perfectly happy to let us know by kicking us repeatedly until we move. The boys started off not allowed on the bed! It lasted a while but they would always sneak a nap in ultimate comfort while we were out or if we were busy elsewhere. We would take pity after a particularly short haircut! Feeling guilty seeing them shivering we would invite them up and shortly after that no invite was necessary!

There are two comfortable dog beds for them, only used when we’ve had enough and they have been “shooed” off the bed and our son has his door closed so they can’t claim his bed! They were lost when our daughter left home. They were always guaranteed a spot on the bed from her, soft touch! They would kick her for extra space so much during the night that she would wake up pinned to the wall while they sprawled out on her double bed! I really don’t mind sharing, they never get under the covers, they make great feet warmers and when I’m on my own and feeling rotten they cuddle in close to me giving me comfort.

I am grateful for that comfort. It seems I brought therapy dogs into my home before I realised I would be in so much need of them! I have been completely exhausted earlier than usual these last few days so had to head to bed. I found I was able to get three to four hours straight which is a great improvement but then spend the rest of the night napping in dribs and drabs, between twenty mins to an hour each time, sometimes getting up to stretch sore muscles and use my heat pad. Although it’s great to get a much longer sleep it is not improving my energy levels as by morning I feel tired out again! I get up and two hours later I have no option but to take a nap, literally not being able to keep my eyes open.

I would explain my energy as a bath full of water with a badly fitting plug, the water escaping in a regular flow and suddenly the plug is yanked away and all the water rushes away. That’s how it feels to me, suddenly I grind to a halt. I even find it difficult to communicate, descending to cave man nods and grunts! An hour on the sofa, rinse and repeat!

I have a busy week ahead, doctors with my son, hospital for myself, dentist for myself and two great big forms to fill in for the department of work and pensions! Oh fantastic! I have a lot of pending comments needing my attention so please bear with me as I get to them in small batches! I also do hope to somehow find the energy to continue my Cast of Characters introduction blogs but right now I am off to the sofa for a snuggle with my fur babies and a nap.. Ugg! Shelley out!stacking2