Normality Resuming

Things are getting back to normal around here! Yay! I am so lucky to have my daughter and her boyfriend at home with us for a few days. It is her boyfriends birthday today.  He turned twenty-seven at ten past midnight so we had a gorgeous late meal which was lovingly prepared by my husband, watched a movie and some tv and then at the time of his birth we brought out the birthday cake with one of those pyrotechnic musical twirling flower petal candles as well as “happy birthday” candles lit up around the edge. His face was a treat! Completely unbeknown to us he has never had a birthday cake before! It just goes to show how different traditions can be from one family to another. I can’t imagine a birthday with no yummy cake but then I am sweet-tooth crazy! They are both travelling to Edinburgh in the morning for a fun day out in the city and the day after we are all going to visit my Grandad and his wife. They will be meeting my daughters boyfriend for the first time but as they already like him from what they have heard about him I’m sure it will go well! When you know your great-grandaughter is loved and is being taken care of lovingly there’s nothing much else worth complaining about!

I will be back again to post on the 5th of February as part of Barbara Frankens January Challenge..


January Challenge Schedule…

1st     Barbara  –
2nd    Paddy    –
3rd     Emanuel-
6th     Julianne –
7th     Sarah     –
8th     Shree     –
9th     Dace      –
10th   Korinn    –
11th   Sindy     –
12th   Stefanie –
13th   Mick      –
14th   Joss      – Postphoned
15th   Megan   –
16th   Pat         –
17th   Marga    –
18th   Kimberley –
20th   Serena      – not available at the moment
21st   Heather     –
23rd    Sue          –
24th    M…          –
25th    Brian G    –
26th    Dotta       –
27th    CW          –
28th    Laurie       –
29th    Debra       –
30th    Linda        –
31st    Michael     –
1st      Leigh        –
2nd     Shaman   –
3rd     Joss         –
4th     Jenna       –
5th     Shelley     –
6th     Elisabeth  –
7th     Michael    –
8th     Lehua       –

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